Pablo Suñé's Bio

Argentine-American jazz guitarist, arranger, composer and singer Pablo Suñé combines his dazzling talent on the guitar with a passion for arranging. Sid Jacobs called Suñé, “A brilliant young musician. His talent, technique and his innate creativity are all evident in his musical contributions.” This brilliance is more than apparent in Suñé’s debut album Luz del Estero, which combines his voice in Spanish with elegant strings and guitar, which he plays with characteristic verve and flair. 


Born in Argentina, Suñé began his career playing guitar in bars around Buenos Aries, where he sought out other musicians who confirmed his beliefs about the potential power of music. From the beginning, he was inspired by American jazz, especially guitar legends Peter Bernstein, Ron Eschete and Jim Hall, and saxophonist Dexter Gordon. He was also attracted to Argentine music, especially Luis Alberto Spinetta, Astor Piazzolla and Charly Garcia. His desire to meet some of the talented musicians, composers and arrangers he had spent so long listening to led him finally to Los Angeles, where he settled in 2002.

In LA Suñé met many musicians who influenced his playing, including Sid Jacobs, Jimmy Wyble, and John Pisano. In 2010, he met the legendary bassist Patrick ‘Putter’ Smith, having listened to him for many years. Smith recommended drummer Ramón Banda, who had performed and recorded with many legends of jazz and Latin music. Says Suñé, “I had been looking for a tree and found a whole forest”. The three began playing as a trio around LA, honing their sound in many of the city’s top jazz venues.

In 2012 Suñé met Alan Copeland, from whom he began to learn how to write for orchestras. Around the same time, he enrolled in the film scoring program at UCLA, which gave him the tools needed to learn to write for other instruments. “The sensation of hearing your music played by an entire orchestra is something I can only compare to the first time I heard The Beatles," he says.


Suñé passionately believes that music has the power to improve people’s lives and for the last 15 years, has been heavily involved with both music therapy and music education. He is the founder of the Dinjes Music Therapy Center, an organization providing music therapy to people with developmental disabilities, and he is the musical director and music therapist at the LA Goal Foundation in Culver City.


Suñé keeps a busy recording and performing schedule in LA, playing with his jazz trio, as well as working on arrangements for orchestras for film and television. His debut album Luz De Estero sees him exploring his own, personal story, and drawing on influences from Argentina, which combined with the sound of the jazz trio, has resulted in something truly unique.


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